Our services

At T Investments LTD, we’re your one-stop shop for navigating the complex world of logistics. We offer a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your journey, from the initial stages of sourcing and procurement to the final delivery of your goods.

Whether you’re a seasoned importer/exporter or a first-time shipper, we have the expertise and dedication to make your experience smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.

Here’s how we can help:

Import & Export:

  • Seamless movement of goods: We handle every aspect of your imports and exports, from customs clearance and documentation to transportation and delivery.
  • Global expertise: We have experience handling a wide range of products and regulations across the globe.
  • Cost-effective solutions: We prioritize finding the most budget-friendly routes and methods without compromising on quality or speed.


  • Flexible storage options: We offer secure and scalable storage solutions to meet your evolving needs, from short-term inventory management to long-term archiving.
  • Advanced inventory management: Our state-of-the-art tracking system keeps you informed and in control of your stock.
  • Value-added services: We can handle order fulfillment, packaging, and labeling to streamline your operations.

Door-to-Door Procurement:

  • Source with confidence: Tap into our extensive network of trusted suppliers to find the best quality products at competitive prices.
  • Hassle-free sourcing: We handle the language barriers, cultural nuances, and logistical challenges of international procurement.
  • Peace of mind from start to finish: We manage everything from negotiation to delivery, ensuring you receive exactly what you ordered.

Cargo Logistics:

  • Air, sea, land – we’ve got you covered: Choose the right mode of transport for your needs, with expert advice and competitive rates.
  • Multimodal expertise: Need a combination of transportation methods? We’ll seamlessly manage the entire journey for you.
  • Real-time tracking and visibility: Stay informed every step of the way with our advanced tracking system.

Personal Effects:

  • Moving abroad made easy: Let us handle the delicate task of shipping your belongings with care and attention, so you can focus on settling into your new home.
  • Tailored packing solutions: We use expert packing and crating techniques to ensure your cherished items arrive safely.
  • Door-to-door convenience: We handle everything from pick-up to delivery, making your move stress-free.

Air/Sea Freight:

  • Experience you can trust: Our team of experienced air and sea freight specialists will ensure your goods arrive on time and within budget.
  • Global reach: We have established relationships with major airlines and shipping lines, offering you access to competitive rates and diverse schedules.
  • Comprehensive services: We handle all aspects of air and sea freight, from documentation to cargo insurance.

Professional Packaging:

  • Protect your valuables: Whether it’s fragile electronics or priceless antiques, we have the expertise and materials to safely pack and ship your goods.
  • Custom-designed solutions: We create customized packaging solutions to fit the specific needs of your shipment.
  • Peace of mind: Rest assured knowing your goods are protected against damage during transit.

Commercial Baggage & Unaccompanied Baggage:

  • Convenient and reliable: We offer efficient solutions for shipping your commercial baggage and unaccompanied baggage, whether it’s for business trips, trade shows, or relocation.
  • Door-to-door service: We handle everything from pick-up and packing to customs clearance and delivery.
  • Cost-effective options: We offer competitive rates to suit your budget.